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Professional and Business Communication


Business Writing Skills

As effective business writing requires application of basic writing principles, various effective writing components are identified and applied through the use of interactive examples. Various business correspondence formats such as letters, memos faxes and email are outlined. Business correspondence structure plans are used to ensure successful messages to various audiences. All aspects of business writing are supported with relevant and up-to-date examples and applied in meaningful interactive tasks. 

Duration : 12 hours

Assessment:  A final assessment business writing task will be given to delegates. Delegates will be required to revise two examples of their business correspondence by applying direct and indirect plan structures.

NQF Level:  6

Cost: R1 500

Contact: Jacqui Lück, jacqui.luck@nmmu.ac.za


Minute Writing

This short learning course aimed at secretarial staff who have limited experience of meeting procedures. As well as those who want to develop their existing skills. Through interactive sessions, participants learn about meeting procedure, agendas, listening skills as well as note-taking and minute writing.

Duration:  12 hours

Assessment: A final assessment minute taking task will be given to delegates. Delegates will be required to listen and take notes and write up a full set of minutes of a pre-recorded meeting.

NQF Level:  5

Cost:  R1 500

Contact: Dr Marcelle Harran, marcelle.harran@nmmu.ac.za


Professional Presentations

This short learning course aimed at professionals who want to develop effective presentation skills. Through interactive sessions, participants learn about voice control; relaxation and breathing exercises; articulation and resonance; preparing and delivering a speech; using visual aids and answering questions.

Duration: 15 hours

Assessment:  Delegates are required to prepare and present a five to ten minute presentation. The presentation will be video-taped for self and peer feedback. Delegates have to hand in an audience analysis, purpose statement and note cards. A mark will be allocated based on a presentation rubric (includes sections for voice analysis, delivery and content).

NQF Level: 5

Cost:  R1 600

Contact: Jacqui Lück, jacqui.luck@nmmu.ac.za


Report Writing

The report writing SLP aims to develop report- writing principles to include in report structures including conciseness and clarity for effective decision-making processes. The report-writing SLP includes the structuring of reports from short memo to lengthy formal reports.

Duration:  12 hours

Assessment:  A final assessment report writing task will be given to delegates. Delegates will be required to write a report by applying report writing structures and style requirements to their reports.

NQF Level:   6

Cost:  R1 500

Contact: Jacqui Lück, jacqui.luck@nmmu.ac.za


English Language Rules

Grammar rules need to be known in order to be applied. In order to write correctly, one needs to know the rules that apply to English language  usage. The short course aims to address this need by teaching grammar rules, and then further supporting their use with practical reading and writing applications.

Duration: 36 hours

Assessment: The final result will be based on tasks set as assignments and tests. 50 % will be the pass mark.

NQF Level: 5

Cost: R1 500

Contact:  Jacqui Lück, jacqui.luck@nmmu.ac.za


Conversational English

The SLP aims to equip delegates to communicate successfully in English in day-to-day contexts. The course aims to develop these skills by teaching delegates the necessary vocabulary and grammar in the areas of speaking and writing encountered in commonplace everyday scenarios. The course also provides practice and training in the skills of effectively decoding English communication in terms of listening and reading

Duration: 20 hours

Assessment: The assessment will be in the form of a written test, a listening task and an oral assessment.

NQF Level:  5

Cost: R1 800

Contact: Sharon Rudman, sharon.rudman@nmmu.ac.za




Conversational isiXhosa

This course will enable you to communicate in Xhosa in an acceptable manner and in everyday situations. The emphasis will be on conversation. The short course is an introduction to Xhosa speaking and assumes that the learner has no prior knowledge of the language. Learners will experience the extraordinary richness and beauty of the Xhosa language. By learning a new language, they will gain a “new soul”.

Duration:  30 hours

Assessment: An oral assessment and two written tests.

NQF Level: 5

Cost:  R 1 800

Contact:  Dr Ruby Zauka, ruby.zauka@nmmu.ac.za




Beginner Conversational Arabic

This course aims to equip delegates with a basic foundation in conversational Arabic and to understand commonly used phrases.

Duration: 21 hours

Assessment:  Assessment will occur in the form of four written (transliterated or Arabic scripted) assignments, one listening and comprehension test and a short prepared speech at the end of the course.

NQF Level:  5

Cost:  R1 900

Contact: Mukhtar Raban, mukhtar.raban@nmmu.ac.za


Read and Write Arabic

The course sets out to equip delegates with competency in reading and writing Arabic script.Upon completion of this course, the delegate will be able to proceed with a conversational and  grammatical study of the language through the medium of Arabic script.

Duration:  20 hours

Assessment:  A short reading and writing test at the end of the programme

NQF Level:  5

Cost:  R1 600

Contact:  Mukhtar Raban, mukhtar.raban@nmmu.ac.za


Translation and Interpretation


isiXhosa-English Translation

The isiXhosa to English Translation SLP aims to provide a general introduction to the isiXhosa language and its dynamics as well as the principles of translation. Delegates will be able to distinguish between translation and interpretation , apply basics of language applications in isiXhosa and English, and apply principles of translation.

Duration: 12 hours

Assessment:  Assessment will be based on written exercises and verbal communication.

NQF Level:  5

Cost:   R1 500

Contact:  Dr Hilda Israel, hilda.israel@nmmu.ac.za





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